New product

Derived from ROCKEY4 dongle products R4ND+ provides an enhanced hardware security and extra features like timers and licence management. It can replace legacy Rockey4 without reprogramming.

More details

  • A1
  • E5 (mini)

Data sheet

CPU8 bits smart card
Protected memory2000 Bytes
Write cycles100 000
Flash memory4GB ou 8GB (option)
InterfaceUSB 1.1
Maximum power consumption250 mW
Operating temperature0 - 70 °C

More info

R4ND+ software protection dongle hardware is based on smart card. Its hardware design provides complete protection mechanism and high level of integration. The smartcard chip and its manufacturer have certied by EAL 4+ and IT SEC certication.
Its usability and stability are also regulated by ISO/IEC 10373 standard in various aspects like ultraviolet radiation, X ray, electromagnetic eld etc. The smart card chip of R4ND+ has the capability of resisting electron detection attack (SPA and DPA) and physical attack (SiShell). The chip is well protected since the initial designing period. By generating noisy and interfering signal technique, adding lter circuit to reduce noise signal and applying special protecting material, the auditing chip runtime instructions are impossible. Controlled by CPU, the hardware random number generator is used to protect the communication datagram.

Derived from ROCKEY4ND dongle products, the driverless technique is applied to R4ND+ to make the device driverless in Windows, Linux and Mac OS. User can easily use and maintain the device. Bigger memory space and more user dened algorithms are provided. The users of ROCKEY4 can easily switch their application to R4ND+ without extra programming. R4ND+ is compatible with legacy Rockey4ND code. The new features can be implemented after recompiling with the R4Smart SDK.


• Smart card based software protection dongle
• Hardware based soft clock
• User denable 8 bytes dongle password
• Universal unique hardware ID
• 2 levels-4 groups (basic password & advanced password) password management mechanism, i.e. developer password and end-user password
• Built-in seed code algorithm
• Compliant with CE and FCC standards. Support multiple operating systems: Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8, Linux and Mac OS
• License management function
• Communication datagram encrypted against interception
• USB driverless device
• Provide shell encryption tool
• 1,000 bytes user space
• Provide 64 module control units
• Support for 128 user dened algorithms
• Standard USB 1.1 device, support USB 2.0 interface
• Provide multiple software programming interfaces: Delphi, Power Builder, Python, Fortran, Java, RealBasic, Oracle, SQL2000, FoxPro, VB, VBA, VC, C# and VB.NET etc.